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Tanning Tanning


Looking for that sun-kissed glow? You’ll be pleased to know that post-beach skin is as close as your nearest Regis salon. We offer a range of the very latest tanning options, from top-tier spray tans to rub on creams, and tanning booths for the complete transformation.


Get that golden glow

All of our tanning treatments are applied by our professional therapists, who make every effort to ensure that you get the kind of even and consistent coverage that can only be found at a salon. Our therapists are a friendly bunch too, and they’re always on hand to help you find the right treatment. If you’re not sure how to get the look your going for, have concerns about the longevity of the result or just want to know the difference between each of our tanning services, we’ll always be happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions that you might have.

A full range of the tanning services that we offer include:

Spray Tanning

Quick and easy, these treatments give you that sun kissed look without the UV exposure. Relax in the confidence that our professional stylists will give you a flawless tan with a streak-free finish. Book an appointment at your local regis salon now.

Manual Tanning

For a truly gorgeous glow, our manual tanning treatments give the most natural looking tan as the techniques employed by our highly trained professionals ensure you leave our salon with the perfect tan. Book your appointment at a local salon.

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