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Eyes and Brows

Eyes and Brows

Eyebrows and eyelashes are a speciality.

Advanced cosmetic treatments, inc. botox in some salons.

Trained, professional beauty therapists.

We have specialist therapists based across the country, offering a wide range of treatments and advice, to make your face look and feel great. We provide precision eyebrow shaping to give your brow perfect form, and eyebrow tinting to match your colour to your overall style.

We also offer individual eyelash extensions and eyelash tinting, to give your lashes extra colour and volume that lasts, without the ‘fake’ effect. Our facial electrolysis can permanently reduce the hair on your face, with minimal discomfort and fabulous results.


Many of our salons have specialist beauty therapists who know all of the tips and tricks when it comes to eyebrows. They can advise you on the best shape and style to frame your face and create an exact outline with precision and comfort. Using your choice of threading or waxing, our beauty therapists will help you achieve your dream brow goals.

Our eyebrow tinting is carried out with great accuracy, to give stunning colour without staining the surrounding skin. If you’ve recently dyed your hair a new colour, consider an eyebrow tint to help match your new style.


Give your eyelashes extra volume and colour, with our eyelash enhancement and tinting treatments. Forget about fiddly fake lashes that fall off half way through the night, or mascara that runs when it rains. Our eyelash extensions are carefully applied to your existing lashes, for a natural semi-permanent effect, and our eyebrow tinting offers natural looking colour that lasts for weeks.

Useful Info:
-Patch tests are required a minimum of 24 hours prior to an appointment for eyelash or eyebrow tints; the minimum age is 16.
-Please arrive 10 minutes before your first beauty appointment in order to complete the client questionnaire and to have a consultation.

Check your local beauty salon for availability.

Selected salons offer specialist beauty treatments such as botox, wrinkle fillers and more."
Regis Beauty

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