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Hair removal

Hair Removal

Waxing, threading and hair removal options.

The most effective and hygienic form of hair removal.

Available in selected salons.

We offer a wide range of hair removal treatments in numerous salons, to target every area of the body and face, for smooth long-lasting results. We use the advanced PHD waxing system, the most effective and hygienic method of waxing, for consistently great results. We also offer high-tech electrolysis treatments, for semi-permanent results that remove the need for waxing.


Our salons that offer waxing will only ever use PHD (Professional, Hygienic and Disposable) waxing, which is the most effective and hygienic system available. Unlike traditional waxing, where wax is repeatedly applied from the same pot of hot wax (often shared by multiple clients), the PHD system uses fresh wax from a sealable tube, applied with a clean, disposable applicator. This way, there is little chance of contamination and the quality of the wax is maintained, for consistently smooth results.


Available in selected salons, threading is an ancient method of hair removal, which uses thin cotton threads to trap unwanted hair in a gentle twisting motion, removing it from the follicle. Skilled beauty technicians carry out this delicate treatment, for incredibly accurate results that last up to six weeks. Threading is now the preferred method for eyebrow shaping because it is so precise and gentle on the skin.


Available in many of our salons, this high-tech treatment can offer incredible results and a permanent reduction in hair growth. An electronic current is applied into each hair follicle, with a very fine needle-shaped electrode or metal probe, to destroy the hair at the root. Multiple sessions are required to catch all of the hairs at the critical growth period. However, over time, you will eliminate the need for waxing altogether.

Whether shaping the eyebrows or body waxing, our professional beauty therapists are on hand!"
Regis Beauty

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