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Winter skin care tips

We've got the perfect products to revive your face, restoring a healthy glow for every skin type.

We might be fans of Winter for the parties, the chance to wear that gorgeous woollen coat and the fireside evenings, but it can be harsh on your beauty regime for everyone. Cold, wet weather means the elements can be harsh to your skin, so face care is perhaps even more important than in the Summer months.

The freezing temperatures of the Winter months mean dry, chapped skin that is desperate for moisture and care. That's why we've got the perfect products to revive your face, restoring a healthy glow for every skin type.

1. Hydration

The Dermalogica range combines anti-ageing technology with nourishing moisture for every part of your face, from the Skin Hydrating Booster (£51) to revive parched skin daily, to the Lip Renewal Complex (£23.80) that's ideal for the chapped lips of cold weather.

2. Anti-ageing

If your skin needs rescuing from the brink of dryness disaster, the Super Rich Repair (£60.70) is a real rescue remedy to repair and protect, giving skin back the moisture it needs to stay youthful and fresh.

3. Nourishment

Especially designed for seasonal problems, try the Sothys Nutritive Range. Designed to protect and nourish skin affected by Winter weather, the Nutritive Range makes a perfect gift for pamper lovers. Combine both Comfort Cream and Essential Lipid Elixir, your skin becomes revitalised in just two steps.

4. Protection

Protect your skin from further damage by the harsh Winter weather. Creating a soothing barrier against the elements, try Dermalogica's Barrier Repair. Calming and repairing sensitive skin and building up a defense all at once, it's the perfect rescue.

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